The Providers

Tilsley College has always operated in delivering teaching in collaboration with others. Experienced practitioners serving in Christian ministry teach on all our programmes. All the staff are currently active in Christian service in local churches and/or Christian organisations. This keeps the College in touch with the coal face of Christian ministry.
Aspects of Tilsley Academy will be taught by College staff. Other aspects may be taught by some of adjunct lecturers. In collaboration with the College some of the partner agencies with whom GLO Europe and Tilsley College work, will also be involved in providing the training. These agencies might include organisations like Echoes International, Counties, Partnership UK, AIM, Interserve GBI, Pioneers, ECMI, and GEM.
Tilsley Academy will allow opportunities for Tilsley College to strengthen networking and in shared partnership with these agencies serve together as we embrace the vision for the Academy and the learning it can provide.

Partnering agencies collaborating in Tilsley Academy would normally:
1. Provide course materials - usually drawn from the existing materials in their organisation.
2. Provide the design and adaptation necessary for Tilsley Academy platform where they create their courses.
3. Provide assessment criteria to recognise the learning and quantify it in notional hours of learning.
4. Provide tutoring where necessary.
5. Submit their work to Tilsley College for quality assurance, oversight & upload to the Tilsley Academy platform.