Course structure

Every course will be framed around four elements or sections:

  1. ALIGN - this offers the student an introduction to the topic under discussion.

  2. ACQUIRE - this offers the student some new learning in areas of knowledge, skill or character

  3. ABSORB - this offers the student an opportunity to engage with and digest or process the new learning

  4. AFFIRM - this offers the student an opportunity to consolidate their learning through a short test or assignment

Course types

Two types of course will be available to students.

The DECA courses: 

A Deca Course will by a ten-hour segment of learning. This means it is estimated that a student may need up to ten hours of learning commitment to complete the four elements of the course (Align, Acquire, Absorb, and Affirm).

The DUO courses:

A Duo Course will be a short two-hour segment of learning. This means that while the structure may follow a similar format, the content will be more of a 'thought starter', allowing students to begin further study under their own initiative. The Duo courses will offer pointers to other relevant resources.

Course Levelling

Tilsley Academy will deliver its materials in line with educational levelling that allows students to understand the difficulty and demands that the individual courses may offer. Courses will begin at SCQF Level 6 (RQF Level 3 England/EQF Level 4) - this is normally associated with Scottish Highers and English A levels. Beyond that, there will be some modules which will further stretch students at SCQF Level 7/8 (RQF Level 4 England/EQF Level 5). Students may be required to complete courses at a lower level in order to access courses at higher level. These will be known as pre-requisite courses and will be clearly indicated.