Christian mission is about a task entrusted to the church of the Lord Jesus to go (to be sent) to the ends of the earth with the the good news of the gospel. 'Mission Matters' in Tilsley Academy because it matters to God himself. God is a missionary God, sending Christ into the world for their forgiveness and full salvation - it is his rescue mission. 'Mission Matters' offers a range of courses that address issues surrounding that task - courses that will address the challenges and complexities of going with the gospel, locally and globally.

Tilsley Academy is working with other mission partners who help facilitate the world mission in preparing and delivering the courses. All of the lecturers who work at Tilsley College have extensive cross-cultural mission experience. We hope these courses will help equip, refresh, and encourage the work of Christain mission in our world today.

"Just as the Father sends me, so send I you."
Jesus Christ (John 20.21)