What is the Gospel? (101)

This is a “Deca” course that will begin to examine a biblical understanding of the gospel. It will be followed by two other courses that continue the study: What is the Gospel? (201) and What is the Gospel? (301)


In the Align section you will watch a short introductory video by Alistair Hornal who will ask you to do a "self check" on your own understanding the gospel: is what you understand as the gospel the same as what we find in the Bible? Next, in the Acquire section of the course, you will learn about how Jesus explained and embodied the gospel. In the Absorb section, you will apply what you have learned to your current context, be that church based ministry or personal reflection. Finally, you will complete the course in the Affirm section by consolidating what you have learned - in this case, by submitting a short video reflection about what you have learned about the gospel and how this applies to your life and ministry.


This course is based on the first half of Alistair Hornal’s book The Gospel: What is it? (Partnership, 2021).

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